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PC software

Since one part of my daily work is to make SW, I have used the gained knowledge to private projects. Naturally I have focused on needs related to RC-modeling. I do not expect to earn money on this, so the SW is free to download and use for everyone. In return for this, I expect you to read and accept the following terms :

  • The SW can be copied, given to other people and used unlimited.
  • The SW may not be changed by others than me.
  • I am not responsible for any consequences due to errors the SW may contain, neither for any loss (economic or other) due to the use of my SW (failure or not).
  • Bugs reported will most probably be fixed in a later revision, but I will not relate to any deadlines neither for bug fixing nor suggested feature implementations.

SW available

  • WinRes : Aerobatic competition management. 
  • WinProf : System to manipulate, print and/or export airfoils. Revision 2.0
  • LoLo-display : To download, display and store altitude logs from a LoLo-logger.