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Welcome to my net-pages.  Even though I'm Norwegian, I have selected to present these pages in English, mainly due to the fact that this gives a broader audience. There will be some articles etc. that are in Norwegian, but I will try to mark them so, to avoid any of you wasting time with download.

I must use this opportunity to thank some companies for their help and support.


Latest update history:

To give You all an impression of the conditions in my part of the world, here are some pictures taken from my living-room out into my backyard, one per month during 2003.

1. January 2003 February 2. 2003, after 2 weeks of mild weather. March 3, more snow falling today. April 03, It's finaly getting better ! May 1. and the grass is getting green. June 1, summer is here ! July 03, Rain today, no flying !  Catastrophy ! August 03, Still nice summer ! September 1, it's still summer (???). October 03, autumn with rain. November, dark. December 03: no snow yet, but dark and cold anyhow.