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My engine collection

Even though mot of my modelling activity these days are with electric power, my fascination with glow engines is not dead. Over the years I have acquired quite a collection, and it will most likely continue to grow. Presented below is the status per Nov 2018:

Picture Brand and type Picture Brand and type Picture Brand and type Picture Brand and type

Not complete

Super Tigre X11

My first engine!

Cox 049 Texaco Webra 2.5
OS 25FSR Super Tigre S29 Cox 049 TeeDee Webra 32H
OS 25SF Super Tigre X45 Cox 09 TeeDee Webra 60 Black head
OS 25FX Super Tigre G60 Fox 15 Webra 61 Champion TN
OS 25VF Super Tigre X60 Gmark 061 (home-made venturi) Webra 61 Champion Dynamix
OS 40LA Super Tigre X61-TST David Andersen 1.5 Webra 61 Racing
OS 40VF Super Tigre S61K David Andersen 2.5 Webra 61 Racing long stroke
OS 40VR-P Picco 60SE David Andersen Tellus Webra 120 Racing
OS 45FSR Skyward 60SE (made by Picco) Enye 53 4C    
OS 46VF Rossi 60 Enya 60X    
OS 61FS Rossi 61 FiRe Enya 60 XL    
OS 61FSR Rossi 61 RiRe YS 61 LS SE    
OS 61SF OPS 60 SE YS 61 LS RE    
OS 61SF-P OPS 60 FiRe (Super sixty) YS 120FS (AC-converted)    
OS 61VF Mintor 140 HGK 45    
OS 77 VR-DF Mintor 170 HP 61 GoldCup    
OS 91 VR-DF MVVS 2cc Irvine 61 SE    
OS 140RX

With 3M dual plug head

Uktcam 2.5 (Russian Rossi 15 rip-off) Irvine 61 RE    
OS 140RX-FI Uktcam 6.5 (russian) CMB 60    
OS 200FS-FI HB 25 (broken and missing carb)