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Gliders and F3F slope racing

F3F slope racing, is a very fun and very different kind of flying compared to my main focus in modeling.  The fact that it is so different is probably one factor for my enjoyment of it.  The actual competition task is to fly 10 legs on a 100meter course, as fast as possible.  The course is set on top of a slope, the wind blowing into and up the slope gives the lift that enables the gliders to stay airborne. The models are hand launched off the slope, and are allowed 30 seconds to gain height and energy before the task must be started. Even though these models only receive energy from the raising air, they are capable of remarkable speed.  My personal best time for a 10 leg flight  is 36.88 seconds set during the Viking race in Wales 1998. While this is a fast time, it's nothing compared to the (unofficial) world record of 32.9 set in the same event.  The experience of doing of this kind of fast, low and close flying is very special.