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Cool glider-pictures

Here are some pictures taken over the years, all of gliders.

The Cito of Fritz and my own Ellipse 2V in pursuit low pass up along the cliff at 'Pila' on Rennes°y.  Picture taken by Espen Torp.



Espen Torp and myself with inverted Ellipse 2V.  This was to test a theory that inverted V-tail is superior to normal. Must be landed inverted, with lots of flaps.



Fritz is testing his new (1999) model.  All composite, inverted V-tail. Picture is taken at Obrestad.



Fritz with his BIG (4m) flying wing.  Majestic flight, but difficult to control.



Two (Fritz's and mine) MiniEllipse's I very close stall turn.  Espen Torp is photographer.




The remains of my first all-composite glider. An Aist, made in Ukraine.  Guy's ...  keep those batteries fully charged !!


The result of a low and fast turn on slope. The Ellipse wingtip hit a fencepost and was cut off. It's repaired and has flown a lot since then.



Fritz and me again, now with equal home made 60" gliders.  Inverted V-tail on these also. Picture taken at Lifjell above Boe in Telemark.


The Norwegian team at Viking Race 1994, in Scotland. Picture is taken on top of Bishops Hill.