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Where to go slope-soaring ?

Slope soaring needs special conditions, not readily available all over the place.  Since I live in Horten, the supply of suitable slopes are a problem.  The combination of a clean hill with proper wind, good landing conditions and a short walk from the car-park is not an easy one.  In Norway, the best ones are definitely in the Stavanger region. The plateau at Hanstholm in Denmark also has some superior slopes. 

Big slope in Wales, site of Viking Race 1998.




The same big slope in Wales, during Viking Race competition.



Lineup ready for action on 'Pynten' in Hanstholm.



A bad picture of the slope at Reve, low wind brings out MiniEllipse's.



Near perfect shape of this slope in Denmark.



Bishops hill in the area of Fife in Scotland. Picture taken during Viking Race 1994.