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A Windows software mainly related to score registration, result calculation and presentation. The downloadable file is a compressed .ZIP-file containing the install files.  Store the file in a temporary folder, and then  run Setup.exe to install WinRes on Your computer.  Take care to read the Readme.txt-file to get to know basics and the recent history of WinRes.

The current revision available for download is rev 2.41

Read current Readme-file : Readme.txt

Download WinRes install (one ZIP-file 11.4Mb) : WinRes.zip

Download zip'ed schedule files for Sport-07, Nordic09 P09 and F09 : 

ZIP of P09, F09, N09 and Sport07.zip

Download zip'ed schedule files for F3A P11 and F11 : 

F3A P11 & F11.zip



IMPORTANT : Take care to configure windows to use . (dot) as decimal-point to enable WinRes to work.


NB : I have stopped developing this SW (many years ago), it still does the job and will continue to do so as long as there are computers that can run it.  For those who are looking for an updated software based upon some of the same ideas I recommend you to take a look at 'MultiRes' made by a young Finnish enthusiast named Seppo Pekkala.  You will find the software here :



The main view after a competition is selected.



Window used to define a competition. Entries (among several) are, flight schedule, Judges and Pilots.



The screen used to enter judge scores.  The table displayed is dependant on the selected flight schedule for the competition, and the number of judges doing their job.