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9 April 2024 Armando Valentino F3A Great Very itersting page congats!!!!
31. October 2022 Larry F3A OK  
23.September 2022
Steven C. Wieczorek
Electric Great
Hello from America. I just came across your website.  It is Great!  Thanks for all of the information that you are sharing with the world and this great hobby.  I'll be back soon to read and understand your articles and aircraft.  Thanks very much
14. July 2022
Sergio Velasquez
F3A Great
Congrats for this amazing site
4. July 2022 Stefan & Annette Karotkavitch F3A Great G'day Ola,  We are in Australia. Love your work.  We are wanting to purchase 2 of the OS FS 200S FI engines complete with Hatori Header and Exhaust Pipes.  Engines preferably in good working order, however not working but complete would be OK. Any associated spare parts would be great as well We are also looking for Bolly carbon pipes and propellers. We know everyone is going for electric, contra props etc. We are old school and will remain that way.
22 July 2020 Geir Kristiansen F3A Great

Heisann! Kjekke sider å lese. Har holdt på med modellfly siden 1985 men først i år har jeg somlet meg til å køpe en modell som kan brukes i konkurranse. Flott at det finnes ildsjeler som deler kunnskap og erfaring rundt hobbyen på denne måten. Det gjør det klart enklere når en skal gå i gang med konkurranse. Har meldt meg på sport programmet til NM2020, og ser frem til det.

26, February 2020 Sergio Velasquez F3A Great Best regards from South America my friend
21, February 2020 Mark King None Great Thank you for posting some great instructions. I found your page when looking for how to make honeycomb panels. I know little about planes or gliders, but I do design and build a variety of things: precision camera positioning device (servo motors, gears, Arduino), some light fixtures (custom aluminum extrusions, projection "lens" design), some DIY industrial automation machines. I have done some carbon fiber and fiberglass work, using vacuum bag, and did some fiber-reinforced castings with epoxy and a variety of fillers.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I found many of your how-to's very useful and interesting. Your gliders are beautiful!
I have two questions:
What was the honeycomb material you used? (It looks like kevlar because of the color.)
I plan to make some sheets with this: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Nomex-Honeycomb-Aerospace-Grade-0-5-X-18-X-24-1-8-Cell-4-PCF/153519705926?hash=item23be7ccf46:g:65AAAOSwlupc~Foz
(I will use kevlar hex sheets, the ebay ad shows nomex but he also sells the same style in kevlar.)  
My question is about using the vacuum bag to make these panels, one of your pages said that this can not be done. Can you explain about honeycomb and vacuum bag?
6. November 2019 Ozzie parenzee F3A Great Please keep updating whether old or new.thanks
12 January 2019 ken hanawalt F3A OK I have a hard time with the Norwegian language.  Thanks for taking the time to post your information.
2. August 2015

Nicholas Jacobs

Electric Great

I found your site by searching F3P, which I was getting curious about.  I fly with the Burlington Radio Control Modelers http://www.brcm.org/  We just had wings over the bay, you'd love it next year if you ever visit Canada in July.  I design and build a electrics now mostly out of foam.  Andy Lennon's book is my reference. Dispite building C/L as a teen ager, I learned a lot of new techniques from your site.  Keep up the good work. 

21. April 2015 Glenn Orchard F3A Great Hey Ola,
Nice web site!
see you at Zurich, take care.
4. February 2014 Lee Coleman Other Great

Went through every link and missed dinner. Worth it!

3. February 2014 Other OK Really, your site is better than OK!  In fact, I welcome you to some of my work : Botmite.com.  Essentially, it started as an 8 foot wingspan pusher prop with about 7.5 pounds in a MQ-9 style.  Recently, Botmite 1.1 has a 6 foot wingspan, carbon fiber over foam - so the wing area increased to 864 sq.in. from 510 sq.in.  Many details are found on that website.  It's a work in progress.
4. December 2013 Peter F3A Thank you very much for creating and napolneie your page.
I am very young amateur F3A and build models for your son and your page I really this helps.
I want to express my appreciation for the work.
1. August 2013 Jurijs Rubenchiks Other Great Hi Ola find your page via google for hyde soft mounts. Great, Super! I am from Latvia modeler from 1963 with some 30 years break for prof pilot work 18000 flight hours. Now again to modelers, like to build scale RC. Now project Cesna 182 2m wing. looking for reduсtion vibration for Yamada 110.
12. June 2013 Knut Frantzen None Great

Hei Ola. Har du forslag til gode HV servoer,for F3A hva bruker du selv og hvor er de kjøpt. Forresten gratulerer med bra start på sesongen.

2. January 2013

Wil DeLorme

Other Great

I really enjoy your articles they are very informative and step
by step.  You leave nothing to ponder over.  Outstanding website.
Thanks So Much!

25 December 2012 John DeLuc F3A Great

Ola, Very informative site. Thanks. Does your Hyde style mount require a nose ring? Am interested in making something like what Merle calls firm idle. Have just purchased used os140rx. Was running ok,initially in test stand as was adjusting pipe length. Then barely running to not at all. The pump does not appear to be pumping. Since you have experience with that engine, thought I'd ask for ideas. Or can you refer me to someone who can help me sort this out. Thank you and Merry Christmas. 
PS. The year long Picts did not look as bleak as I had imagined. 

11 December 2012 Aragao Rambelli F3A Great Will a plug-in wing, made according to your "Foam plug-in wing" How to, stand the stress of a 2 meter F3A?
What size wing is the one pictured?
26 November 2012 Michael Perpall Electric Great

Great hints and techniques !!

30 September 2012 David Danvers F3A Great I am trying to get into F3A flying. Can u please have an English version of your Aerobatic start article, just what i was looking for, but cannot speak Norwegian.
Great web site
25 August 2012 Dougas Robinson 3D Great

I visited your site a few years ago, and found it again today in my bookmarks, nice, interesting site. Enjoyed your indoor f3p video. 
My activities are more sport than competition, which generally means that I do not push to excel enough. I fly gas and electric aerobatic modals, an recently added a glider. I prefer building to flying, but once there are several ready to go, I tend to stop for awhile. 
I enjoyed your hovering comments. I have an addiction for real and on the sim, and can hover on the latter, but not so well in real life. 

20 August 2012 Stephen Colet     I am having a few problems setting up an OS 140 RX FI. Basically it stalls when I open the throttle from idle (when it has been there for a while). No amount of mixture combinations has worked so far. My best guess is that I am running too small a pitch at 17 x 10 and this is causing the engine to rev more than the computer expects. I am running 15% nitro and 18% syn oil on an OS pipe. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
21 August 2012 Trond G. Furnes Other Great

Jeg heter Trond Gunnar Furnes f: 1961 og har startet med å fly modell etter alt for mange års nøling. Er helt i startgropa, men har
øvet meg en del på et quadcopter jeg kjøpte av Olav Magnus Berge, samt simulator. Nå har jeg derimot kjøpt et fuel helikopter av Jørgen Sande. Dette skal visstnok ha tilhørt deg. Hirobo Sceadu Ser utrolig fint ut. Olav Magnus hjepler meg med å sette opp ny sender og mottaker så vi snart kan ta en testfligth. Håper på å få mye glede ut av dette. De to ovennevnte gutta skryter voldsomt av byggingen av dette helikopteret.  Uten å være særlig ekspert er jeg nok enig med dem. Er fra Skoppum så det kan tenkes du ser meg på et jorde nær deg.

16 July 2012 Larry Fitch F3A Great

Ola, Thank you very much for your blog, and your list of f3a airplane vendors. You've provided a lot of great information.

18. January 2012 Ricky Shih F3A Great
26. October 2011

Charlie Rock

F3A Great

Met you at the Nats.. Both my friend and I are flying the Gaudious model.. You were putting yours together and we visited with you on the wings and other details.. Nice putting a face with the site I've visited so much!!  Trying to find a Arresti for P-13 that I can print off... With no luck so far... any ideas?? Thanks! Charlie

25 October 2011 Charles F3A Great

Hi, Do you still have your os fs200fi?  I will be interested if you want to sell it. 

25 August 2011 Joao Mestre F3B Great Nice to read your pages. I feel that "i know you", or else, you remenber someone of my club. Also it was inspiring for me to continue in this hobby, so hard at times you can't stop to think wy you do this. Best regards.
15 August 2011 Arne Huseby Electric OK Gratulerer så mye med velfortjent Kongepokal! Et godt forbilde for oss som strever med RC Hobbyen rundt om kring på jorder og klubb-flyplasser.
10 August 2011 Freddy Hagens F3A Great

Wow Ola very detailed pages. It shows how obviously you are single with no small kids as you must have a lot of time on your hands.
Congrats on your continued great flying at the worlds making the semis as usual. Keep up the good work!

11 April 2011 Juan Pretorius F3A Great very good !! keep it up . will visit from time to time
27 March 2011 John Gayer F3A  Great Would be great to have your aerobatic start article in English, french or German. I would like to use it in some beginning aerobatic instruction I am doing here in New Mexico USA. I can see the emphasis on flying parallel to the flight line with wings level. I tried a translation program but it failed to produce anything intelligent in English.
28 September 2009 Bruno L Soto F3A Great I was looking for sites that sell F3A airplanes and ended up in your website.  Good collection of F3A builders.  Great info on the hyde mount and other stuff. Keep it up. It is good  that this page is in english. Have a great day. from Guatemala Central America. :)
9 September 2009 Alexander Heindel F3A Great Hi Ola, I'm happy to meet you next weekend in Tynset and i hope that we will get a lot of fun!!!    Best Regards,Alex
15 August 2009 Federico Hinestrosa F3A Great Ola my best wishes in this FAI F3A WC of Portugal 2009!! Please improve your position. Sorry about your 2 Integrals (What did happen??). Truly yours.
02 June 2009 Ørjan Cristensen F3A Great Hei Ola, Takk for hjelpen på søndag. Ørjan
07 May 2009 Einar Rolad Jensen Great
Har forsøkt før...Og skjønner at dette må "gå" via E-mail...  Hjemmesida di er TOPP! - Masse gode tips og meget gode forklaringer på mye man har lurt på fra tid til annen... Også gir den mye inspirasjon i tillegg!  Hilsen Einar - fra Nord-Tromsøen ;-)
05 May 2009 Doug Robinson F3A Great Ola, It was very interesting to find your web pages, and to peruse the various links.
I have indicated F3A, but am very much a beginner at pattern flying.  I have flown various sport models for about 6 years.  I live in Phoenix AZ, but will spend this summer in Vancouver Canada, my original home.  Best regards
29. Apr 2009 Roger Heggelund OTHER Great Hei Ola, masse fin info. på sidene dine. Hyggelig at du deler dine kunnskaper med oss nybegynnere :-). Mvh.Roger, P-36...
4. Feb 2009 Michael Keenan-Harte F3A Great I am just getting into pattern and really enjoyed your sight. I bought a Swallow EX 90 and will be putting in a YS 1.10 with Futaba 7C 2.4 radio gear. Not sure on servos yet but will build the Hyde mount from your site to mount the engine. Would really like to read your article on pattern if available in english. Thanks again for the great site.
01. Jan 2009 Aviv Shoval F3A Great Hi, Ola.  First thanks for your efforts. Your pages are tremendous source of information. Your article on servo testing is fascinating.  I wish you could translate the other articles to English, especially the one on Hyde mount.
23. Dec 2008 Armando Valentino F3A Great Your pages is very great and interesting. Thanks to your headings I could build the hide mount for my Funtana. Continues so we follow with interest bravo.
18.Dec 2008 German Velez F3A Great Congratulations for your page Mr Fremming. I have just finished a couple of fiberglass wing sockets using your instructions. They came out perfect. I used heat shrinkable plastic instead of the cooking foil you specified. Taking the tube out was a little bit difficult but the gap between the aluminum tube and the fiberglass one was perfect, the fit great, I would say better than those made with phenolic material.
22. Nov 2008 Dan Kaplan F3A Great Ola you are great!
Greetings from Israel
(I know that you are in touch with some of our top flyers...)
4. Sep 2008 Jeanette F3A Great Hei Ola.
På en F3A-konkurranse i Sydtirol i sommer (http://www.buschflieger.com/index.php/2008072896/Latest/Bericht-F3A-Wettbewerb-2008.html) traff jeg bl.a. Alex Heindel. Vi snakket også om konkurranser i Norge - og han hadde egentlig veldig lyst til å delta i Chivas Cup i år. Men så er vi på en annen konkurranse i Østerrike (http://f3a.prop.at/2008_Waidhofen/2008_Finale.html) denne helgen. Men neste år blir det kanskje en F3A-deltakelse for ham i Norge også. :-) Og han gleder seg allerede veldig til å møtes igjen. Kanskje har du lyst til å komme til Brixen neste år du også? Konkurransen blir mer og mer populær hvert år.
Gratulerer for øvrig med 11. plass på EM!
3. Sep 2008 Jean Claude L'Hostis F3A Great Excellent! Thank you for your EC report: good job, the list of equipment is very interesting!  And congratulations for your 11th place.
16. July 2008 Jonathan Dietch Other Great Great projects. I especially like the inverted V tail sailplanes. Is there a write-up I can read regarding their performance and stability in turbulence?
14 May 2008 Mike Bacosa F3A Great I am from the USA and I really liked your how to's page. Great ideas and straight forward. Thanks for the advice.
6 May 2008 Mike Pascale F3A Great I found these pages very informitive. Pictures were great. You have put alot of effort into this again GREAT JOB.
27 Mar 2008 Alekhin Alexander  F3A Great Hi Ola ! Very good site! It was useful to look P-09 maneuovres shape analysis.
20 Mar 2008 Veli-Pekka Sutinen F3A Great You have great web pages! Very much information for everybody. I think that it takes a lot of time to keep these pages and update them all the time!  I`m a modelist from Finland and started to push my nose into F3A`s... I have one project (Lorenz`s Rainbow pro) going but I´d like to have some "ready to fly" -plane to practise.  Do you have any F3A`s for sale? I prefer glow-versions (I had one e-helicopter - Logo 30 - and really doesn`t like how batteries work). Five minutes flying and 30 minutes charging.  Please don`t hesitate to contact me if you decide to sell something.  My profession is a carpenter and I`m a perfectionist of quality!
2 Jan 2008 Faniel McLain I signed your guest book.  I have always enjoyed visiting your website.  I am a beginner pilot, for almost 3 years now.  I am going to build an Epsilon 120 and hope to work on sportsman pattern here in the US.  I have been researching T-Canalizer and have found this site:  
Do you have any advice on T-Canalizer?
2. Dec 2007 Erling Nylund F3A Great Får bare gratulere med en utrolig god prestasjon i VM i Argentina. Utrolig bra....
25 Nov 2007 Tore Nilsen F3A Great Gratulerer med en meget fin plassering i VM!!!!
26. Sep 2007 Ed Heemskerk F3A Great Thanks for the info for the Hyde mount.  I will try to make one for my new Desert aircraft 100 .
16. July 2007 Yoav Tell F3A Great Hi There, I'm from Israel. We met on your last visit to Israel when you mentored my boy (14) who was doing his first steps in F3A. Currntly he is practicing for his first contest in F3A level (P07). Just to let you know that your web site is great. one of the best available. the information presented is very professional and very well presented. I wish all the information could be accessed in English. Also. I'm very impressed from your technical ability as reflected by these pages.   Keep doing the great job.
12. July 2007 Julio Apaza     I'm design, build and flight my own models too, I'm a beginner in F3A,but I was in F3B and even in a WC on 1981 (I was very young), in F3B (for example Martin Happerle, www.gliders.dk, etc) there are a lot of technical information but in F3A very few, then I'm glad to find your page and got very important information to my designs, I read about the wing profile you used in your Spigase, the NACA 63A013 in the NACA Report 903 (1948) and it is what I'm looking for, and if you know about other suitable wing profiles please tell me. Design and built in F3A is far easy than for F3B, that's ok for a just marriage with a little child at home. I hope to give to my F3A designs some of the elegance and aerodynamic concepts of the F3B gliders, I had enough good results with my first prototype, I'm finishing a second version and designing the third version of my ARAWIX. I hope to share information with you, congratulations for your Web page.     Regards, Julio Apaza,  Lima-Peru
05 July 2007 Rainer Saubert F3A Great Hi Ola,  greetings from Germany, see you in Argentina ...  Hey, you made a big step forward, as I saw on your page, switching from 2 to 4 stroke! Great - you are still with cobustion engine - like that !!!   All the best, Rainer
04 July 2007 Olav Abusdal F3A Great Hei Ola, inspirerende fine sider. Et spørsmål til deg, har du - eller vet du om noen som har en brukbar 2x2m F3A fly til salgs?
23. May 2007 George Kapnas Other Great Found your site a bit by accident (was searching for a carbon fibre how-to), I really liked it. I've only been a static modeller when I was younger, back then I didn't think I could afford it and now I don't have the time, plus that my hobbies got more computer and automotive-heavy... Your site made me remember how much I liked R/C planes back then and that I still do actually. I put it in my "Modelling" favourites so I can find it easily again. Nice work and the carbon fibre how-to was also helpful :-)
13 February 2007 Martin Di Lorenzo Other Great Ola, thanks a lot for sharing this info with all of us. I have a question regarding the Hyde Mount, about something which is not clear from the pictures. Please, let me know if this is the best way to post the question.
14 January 2007 Enrique Grujicic R. F3A Great
23 December 2006 Gulbrand Thomassen F3A OK Hei Ola. jeg begynner å komme i siget igjen. har noen turer medAmetysten, og har omsider fått Diablotin, påbegynt i 2002 ferdig. jeg stikker jevnlig innom sidene dine for å se om det dukker opp noe av intresse, og for å finne program ol. mvh. GT
16 November 2006 Dmiti Suslov F3A Great Good day! My name is Dmitry, i'm from Russia. While looking through the i-net for the information about soft mounts i have found your page. i've seen it once but have not paid attention to yours how-to's.  Im going to build a f3a plane with wingspan 1800 mm. how do you think will the ys-110 engine be enough for such plane? and what glue did you use to fix rubber circle between two parts of soft mount? thank you.
14 October 2006 Chris Merry 3D Great Interesting site Ola, You have covered a lot of the same ground as me, only I haven't been so generous with broadcasting it as you! I love the hyde mount substitute, Great stuff, keep it up!
30 Aug 2006 Danie van der Linden F3C Great Thank you for a great site. I am the judge coordinator in South Africa for Helicopters and we want to use your program for the scoring.Unfortunately the program seems to not make provision for Halve points. Is it possible that we can change that ?
16 August 2006 Erling Nylund F3A Great Hei Ola..Får bare gratulere med både NM og Chivas-seier i år igjen.. Har nå flyttet til Horten så ikke umulig at vi skulle støte på hverandre :-)) Er nedom jarlsberg av og til.
27 July 2006 Rick Knowles F3A OK How can I access your drawings.Can I get the DXF program to allow me to do this.
19 July 2006 Larry Millington F3A Great hi Ola I am just starting out in F3A in England.  I use a 90 size ship at the moment with a YS110. I was thinking of going for an OS 140RX when I change to a 2m model to cut down on engine maintenence.
10 May 2006 Frank Hasty Other Great I am an RC sport flyer in Brunswick Georgia, USA. I enjoy your site very much and am building a Sig Kadet Senior. I will use your method to make a wing tube for this plane. Thanks!
23 March 2006 Anastasis Markousis F3A Great Amazing info on your site. You helped a lot to make a decision for picking my new engine 3M-Mintor 170 !!!  I wish all the modellers were as you !!!! By the way how much did you sell your Alliance ???Keep on flying.
2 March 2006 Danny Dermer Other Great Really liked your web page, reminds me a bit of my RC hobby. try everything :) i would like to learn the vacum stuff. i didnt update my site ince 2001 but you can still check it out if you want 
7. February 2006 Nat Penton F3A Great Good job. Good Information. Thanks I guess you are going electric for F3A.
7 November 2005 NN Electric Great Hei Ola. Jeg har drevet medmodellfly siden jeg var 9 år. Er i dag 31 år og trafikkflyver. driver ennå med modellfly, og har kastet meg på den børsteløse lipo-bølgen.. MEN..glemmer aldri mitt første fly. En Grokker. Var for noen år siden inne hos Modell-Hobby, men de trodde ikke det ble trykket flere tegninger. Har du mulighet til å hjelpe en stakkar med nye/brukte tegninger? Tror jeg bygde ca.20 kropper og 10-12 vinger før jeg klarte å fly Grokkern. Ellers morsomt å titte innom sidene dine Ola, har jo lest om deg i diverse norske tidskrifter opp gjennom årene.
24. October 2005 Rui Azerdo Other Great Hi OLA - Seems you have quite some experience in the Nordics ;)
I am moving to Stockholm soon and willing to know how easy is to have a club to fly my .60 and .40 aerobatic models. Can you give me a light on that?
29. September 2005 George Meravi F3A  Great I'm very interested in your Hyde mount.  Unfortunately, I cannot read the .PDF as it is in German.  The english instructions are very helpful but do not fully explain how the assembly is fastened to the airplane firewall.  Also, the pictures show four holes (and what appears to be bolts) running through the two plywood disks.  Can you explain if these bolts are holding the two disks together?  
20. September 2005 Butch Olanosa F3A Great Ola,
16 September 2005 Athanasios Dardaganis JET Great I found your page from a thread on rcuniverse about the vacum pump. congratulations for your efforts and ideas
1. September 2005 Francesco Balzani Electric The wery good site, more interessing and particular.
13. August 2005 Kent Strobel Electric Great Hej Ola, Håller precis på och samlar ihop delar till vakuumpumpen för plankning av vingar, gillar din lösning. Dock har jag en fundering gällande manometern. Kan man använda vilken manometer som helt med skala 0-1 bar, eller finns det speciella som endast mäter vakuum?  Vore tacksam för svar! 
9. August 2005 Joe Torony F3A Great Ole, - thank you for a very friendly and informative website. I have been modeling for nearly 60 years now and flying RC for nearly 40 years, I started with single channel. I have loved pattern for many years but have never won a comp mainly because something has always prevented me from putting in the practice time. Now I am retired I would like to try again even though I am now old. Your website has inspired me to build a new F3A model even if just to practice by myself. I am lucky enough to have my own flying field as I retired to live on a farm in the Brisbane River Valley north of Brisbane, capital of Queensland Australia. I wish you every success and many happy landings!!
4. August 2005 Mark Cheney F3A Great I would like to get some more info on your Spigas 5. (dimentions in inches if possible of the wing) I too have an Hanno II special and I already have my wing plugs cut but i have not cut them to length. also have a chunk of foam to carve the fusalage out of. thanks and hope to here from you.
20 July 2005 Alberto Villa F3A Great Olaf it is very interesting site!  Compliment.  I am an italian modeller,and i am very interesting about your technical article. 
10 June 2005 Rob Cavell Other Great I have enjoyed all your pages Ola I spent more time than I have ever done before on a personnel website.
3. Mar 2005 Paul De Becker 3D Great Nice job and great how-to's.  
2. Mar 2005 Walter F3A Great Fantastic page realy apreciate your input.learned a lot thanks.
5. Feb 2005 Norman Blom Other Great Thanks for sharing your knowledge (vacuum baging, wing-tube sockets etc). I am hoping to get involved in slope soaring in the near future, although on a very modest [financial] scale.
26. Oct 2004 Tore H Other Great Utrolig bra side med masse bra info.
18. Sept 2004 Jack Shreve Other Great Trying to figure out how to make a vibration dampening mount for a ST 3000 that shakes like a dog craping on a briarpatch. have balanced everything 3 times, checked runout on crank and can't find anything to stop it. It was shaking my Cap 232 apart. Youd Hyde-mount ideas gave me hope. Thanks, Jack
26. Aug 2004 cecilie.jorgensen None   Og plutselig dukket navnet ditt opp! Måtte bare innom og si hei :) Fortsatt aktiv med flyene, ser jeg. Ha en fortsatt fin dag,Ola. Hilsen tidligere kollega Cecilie Jørgense
27. June 2004 J. Little F3A Great I think all of the pages are well thought out and made to be easily understood (even for me!). I've used the "How-to's" with great success and have improved my flying as a result! Thanks!
11. May 2004 Mike Chipchase F3A Great Great Page Ola, keep up the good work... We were emailing eachother in the mid 90's relative to soft mounts and your design and comments were very helpful.
15. Apr. 2004 Carsten CL. Lahme Electric Great Good looking. the monthly pics are a good idea. I see You needed some wood for the new season? brought down some trees, didn't You ;)
14. Apr. 2004 Kevin Cooper Electric Great I am an electric modeller and fly F5B.  I will be at the World Championships in York in August with the Canadian team.  I have just purchased an Alti for F5B training purposes.
24. Feb. 2004 Andrej Petrovcic  Electric Great Very nice pages, nice pictures and GREAT planes !   Greetings from Slovenia
12. Feb. 2004 Gunnar Snellman F3A Great Hi Ola ! Congratulations for your amazing flights in the Nordics. I used to fly F3A 25 Years ago (MACH-I, ATLAS and CURARE). Now it has struck me again so I am busy bulding a SYNERGY 140 3D with a YS 140DZ. Amazing how things has developed concerning building materials, methods etc. I wonder if I should ORACOVER or the old fashioned silk+dope+filler+colour method for wings, stab and rudder. Any recommendations ? I would like to have a durable finish. Thanks again for a great website. I liked the how-to pages very much.
7. Feb 2004 John Ferrell Other Great I especially liked the How To pages. I wll keep checking back for the Carbon Canopy.
18. Jan 2004 Christian Hans F3A Great Hey Ola, great pages, see you soon in Portugal, I got the qualification for the EC after our WC in pologne.  I am just busy with a new Synergy to have finally at the end after the crashs of the last year two identical planes. Good luck.
29. Dec. 2003 Pete Trevett Other Great
29. Dec. 2003 C.W. Hasselfield F3A Great
23 Dec. 2003 Geoff Wells Electric Great Ola, Thank you for your reply re Simprop Nano, you have a very interesting site and job!!.  Best Regards  Geoff
15. Oct 2003 Petri Niemi F3A Great You have put together great pages with some new insights - I didn´t know what 3D flight is althtough i have seen some pictures. Also slope glidind seems wonderful. I visited Jämi championship last summer. At present I am comtemplating my next plane.
22. Sept. 2003 Cris Haddow Electric OK Sorry, but I have tried many times to download WinProf but with no success. Is it still available?
18. Sept 2003 Peter Erang F3A Great Hello Ola,
3 Sept 2003 Sverrir Gunnlaugsson Other Great Good job, come visit us in Iceland someday :)
13. Aug 2003 Paulo Fábio Santoro F3A Great Hi Ola. Congratulations. Excelent web page!
3. Aug. 2003 Roberto Estrada F3A Great I learn a lot with your pages, really thank's for share your experience and information.  I'm your really friend.
28 July 2003 Terje Westergaard Other Great Hei. Var interesser i en riktig beskrivelse av øvelsene i vingtreff og nordic, noe jeg også fant. Utmerket!
30. June 2003 Günter Ellerbrock F3A OK Hi - after 10 years of flying F3A/FAI all over Germany we are now living in Flensborg since 2000. Because Flensborg is located so near to Denmark, in 2003 I have my 3rd season flying F3A-Nordic (less stress!) in Denmark, finishing all the competitions I participated with a first or second place. My airplane is still a 1998 built Aladin (Silvestri)- probably the first Kit made by "Jonathan" - powered by the OS 140 RX with original Pipe and Graupner MC-20 RC.  Last weekend I talked with Peer Hinrichsen about building a new airplane for 2004. We´ll see..... Before that happens, I think I have to sell my Lorenz Dr.Jack (nearly finished, never flown and my excellent PAF Scalar Kit (with all the parts ready, but not built in).  I wish you all sucessful Nordic Championships in Finland !
17. June 2003 Mariusz Pasik F3A Great It`s very interesting, and inclouding more temats, particulary for F3A.   God look!
21. May 2003 John Barnes Other Great Many thanks for the LoLo SW, Ola. I've just acquired one of these units and the only advice I got with it was to use your software! Very interesting and informative site. I'll be back! JB
9. Feb 2003 Bill Brown 3D Great New to 3D but been modeling since 1962. Have had all the other stuff and now will try 3D.  We had Chip Hyde at our meet and hooked many of us. Will start with Kyosho's cap 40 with a new saito 72 in. it using a 12x8 for start. Read all your info three times will probably go back three more, any recomdations on props or pitfalls thanks for the help.
2. Feb. 2003 Bob Crane ELECTRIC Great Keep up the good work!!! I would like to get a LOLO for my sailplanes. I'm located in Wayne, New Jersey USA. Right now my new Filip 600 3 channel electric sailplane has arrived. Can't wait to fly.
26 Jan. 2003 Ed Heemskerk F3A Great Hallo Ola,  Great site for all modellers. My interest is F3a, flying with Hydeaway and Hydeout with YS 140 dz
20 Jan. 2003 Murat Other Great Thanks for preparing this comprehensive site. I liked very much I'm intermediete modeler who like making own models so I want to try epoxy and fiber based cowlings. Do you know something about this?
10 Jan. 2003 Guy F3F Great Very interesting site, can't wait to see the Synergy
7 Jan. 2003 Ricky Edward Fremming Other Great Howdy cousin ;-)
29 Dec. 2002 David Hunter Other Great Your lolo-display prog is great as I've told you before.
15 Nov. 2002 Edson Nóbrega F3F Great Congratulations!!!!
11 Nov. 2002 Friedrich Leeb F3B Great Dear Ola!    Congratulations to your home-page. You have done a very good. But what I could see you are also very good to controll your modells. My hometown is 50 km in the South of Vienna. If you come sometime in this area don`t hesitate to contact me. Perhaps we can go together on our airfield. 
23. Oct. 2002 António Costa F3A Great Very nice your page, and your fair-play to!  Great fligths to you.
17. Oct. 2002 Ron Storer 3D Great Hi Ola!I found your pages while searching for the Funtana. I just got back from the TOC in Las Vegas and they demod 2 of them run on batteries. I also met the designer there, Harold Werschizer (sp). I'm just trying to decide whether or not to build one. I fly large aerobatic planes mainly. I have the FMG 131" Raven w/ ZDZ210cc motor, the Carden Edge (118"), the Carden Extra 330 (118"), the ZNLine Extra 330 (120") and the FMG Cap 232 (131"). Not all of them are flying right now...I only have so many motors...haha. BTW, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Thanks for your web site!
19. Sept. 2002 Cristobal Rombaut F3A Great Congratulations for clasification in Zamora 2002,Very good flys!!!  Your opinion of 140RX FI ??  I am sorry my englis.  Un saludo muy grnade desde España!!
16. Sept. 2002 Dr Rodics Károly F3B Great Greetings from Budapest!
9. Sept. 2002 Chris Dowsett F3A Great Nice meeting you in Zamora. I have been developing an enhanced Aresti concept for web use. Judging by your home page comments suggest you need find out about Flying Colours.
31. Aug. 2002 Jon Gunnar Wold F3A Great Ville bare si takk for en flott side med masse bra info om F3A. Jeg har vært fast leser av spalten din i MI i 15 år og savner alt det flotte stoffet og referatene du presenterte.
23. July 2002 Gøthe Ekdahl OTHER Great Du er flink du Ola
23. July 2002 Roger Fossås 3D Great Hei på deg Ola.... beundrer flyvingen din. stå på :) Hilsen Roger
6. July 2002 Dave Smith F3A Great Keep up the good work.
1. July 2002 Peter Foks Other Great Thanks for the vacuum idee, I needed the part of the vacuum switch and on jour foto was the solution. Thanks, Great site
27. June 2002 Alfonso Sidro 3D Great Veramente complimenti per il sito e per le informazoni sui tutti i tuoi aerei.    Very compliment for your site and for your councils for flight 3D, excuse for my bad English
24 June 2002 Michael Wilson F3A Great This site is great, very informative and interesting. Keep up the great work.  Mike, NEW ZEALAND
19. June 2002 Mats Jonsson 3D Great Very interesting site, hope you come to "Buntenduellen" in Norsjö
7. June 2002 Eirik F3F Great Heisann..!!   Fine sider med masse fly og opplysninger. Kom å hils på noen av oss som flyr seilfly på Gråkallen i Trondheim. Har lagt ut noen bilder fra et par turer med vinger. http://www.eirik.mypc.nu/websider/rc/rc_1.htm
6. June 2002 Eli Kats F3A Great Hi Ola, I like very much your pages. I think that it could be good to add equipment tables from varius competitions. It is interesting to know what others use.  
23. May 2002 Graham Mills 3D Great What a super site. Am ordering a Funtana after seeing one demo'ed at the world champs. It's great to find someone with experience of this model as I hope that when it arrives I might be able to trouble you for advice. Once again, Great site.
23.May 2002 Günter Kashny F3A OK http://f3a-gkmodel.webpark.cz
22 May 2002 Jan Henning Thoresen F3A Great Hi Ola!  Nice site you've put together...  News: There is report of a 2 seater private plane which crashed into a large cemetary this morning.   The Fire Dept has reported recovering over 300 bodies and are still digging.....
20 May 2002 Petter Blindheim F3A Great Hei Ola.  Fine sider!  Hilsen Petter
19 May 2002 Atle Olsen Other Great Wow! Great hompage!!!!  Where do you get the time to update all this info? Keep up the good work Ola!
19 May 2002 Alf Höglind Other Great The best F3A-site on the web. Your generous information on various construction techniques is outstanding. Your site is up to the same high-class as your aeroplanes.
18 May 2002 David Lepore  F3A Great Hello, your page is one of my favorite pages,because it contains a lot of technical stuff about F3A and since i am still a student i need such informations!
18 May 2002 Alfonso Codes Martine F3A OK very very good