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When i destroyed my electric glider (Fantasy 3) in March 2002, I immediately started to look around for a new one.  It was difficult to find something to my liking since I wanted a relatively big glider with low wing-loading, but still with a modern airfoil with some speed potential.  At last i found it, the Graphite full D-box from GP Airplane Model Shop

11. June 2002

First flight this evening, what a floater.  I used my old Aveox 1412-3y, 12 cells of 1250SCRL and Aeronaut 12x8 folding prop.  This gave a good climb, but i intend to add some cells and buy a pack of 16x1700CP to improve climb.  With this pack the total weight was just 2500g yielding a wing loading of just 36g/sqi.  The flight was mostly used to test the climbing, handling, brakes etc.  It picked up speed quite fast in a dive and maintained the speed well during turns. A couple of pictures was taken :


28. May 2002

I ordered the electric version 3.45 m span in early May, and received it today ! And boy, does it look good ! Below are som pictures i took of the kit as i received it. Total weight of my kit, including hardware is 1150g !

 Fuselage : 230g V-tail : 63g Wing center section : 453g Wingtip : 182g

It may look fragile with it's rib construction, but with a full carbon spar, moulded D-box of carbon/kevlar cloth, carbon cap-strips... etc it's incredibly stiff.  It's modern high-tech based upon excellent craftsmanship.