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How to make stab-adjusters.

I like to use stab-adjusters to attach the stabilizer halves to the fuselage.  The original units (at least to my knowledge) from Gator are nice, but I do not like the imperial threads.  Other clones are not so nice, so I decided to make my own.  It's not that difficult, but it requires a small milling machine and some related tools.  To make it work properly it's vital to get the correct type of set-screws.  Basically there are three types available; with a pointed tip, with a 'cup' and with just a flat tip.  The ones to get are the one's with the 'cup' type of tip, they gives the best grip to the aluminum bar that goes through the fuselage.

As usual I let the pictures speak :

This is the mechanical drawing of the adjusters. The material is Nylon bought as a 20mm rod


Here the main shape is milled, and the oblong hole is being made with a 4mm milling tool.


All of the 'upper' part is milled, the mounting holes are drilled so what is left is to cut it loose from the rod.


Adjuster is mounted in a wise to mill the rear surface to get the correct thickness of it all.


Mounted on the side of the wise to drill holes for the adjustment screws.


The threads are being cut, a slow rotating drill is suitable for this.


A pair of complete adjusters with the adjustment screws in place.