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Making servo wells for foam-core wings

When making foam-core wings the task of mounting the servo properly buried into the wing is a challenge (maybe not a big one, but..) Presented below is my method, that involves making a balsa-box for the servo, and then glue this box into the wing.  Typical tools needed are some kind of saw (a band-saw is the best) to make balsa and plywood pieces of exactly the same length, and the more basic tools like knifes and a sanding-block (Permagrit is the best)

The assembly to cut the wood in exactly same length.


Glue balsa and plywood to one balsa-side, take care to get it square on the side, and at correct distance for the servo to be used.


The whole assembly is glued together, some sanding is left to be done.


As you can see, this does not add a lot of weight to your model


The hole in the wing is cut and ready for the box,  use a straight edge and a sharp knife to cut the opening.


The box with servo is in place in the wing, use a sanding block to get it even with the surface of the wing.