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How to mill out Depron on F3P models

On light-weight models made of Depron there is a significant weight-saving potential by milling out the Depron in selected areas. It is a quite easy process, the steps below explains how I have done it.

First of all you will need a milling machine, I had an old and battered Dremel laying around and bought a milling unit to fit.  It's quite cheap.
The tool Then you need a milling tool.  I had a Dremel type 196 in my tool-box and have used it, the bigger diameter #115 is probably better.
For professional use you will need a set of forms to mill after. For hobby use it's quite OK to draw directly onto the Depron with a pen and do the milling free-hand. For best result, start in the middle of the area to mill and move outwards by moving the mill in clockwise direction
The completed test-model, a Morback The assembled milled test-model, a Morback.  All the Depron before milling weighed 53.3g, after milling it was down to 34.8g.  Assembled without any equipment as it is in the picture it was 47.5g.