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Make hole for aileron-cable in foam-wings.

Since I apply balsa to foam-cores using vacuum-bag technique, holes for cables etc. must be made after the balsa is glued in place.  Below is a description of how I do it.

The basic tool, a brass-tube sharpened at one end.

To make sure that the hole ends up in the correct place, the tube must be lined up relative to the wing.  Here the angle relative to the table is made with a piece of alu-tube.



The other direction is aligned with a long straight-edge from the servo-well to entry-point in wing-root.


Drilling is done manually by twisting and pushing the tube.  It's vital to keep a rotation to cut through the foam.  Do not try to drill more than 10-15cm at a time, clearing the interior of the tube between each step.



Done, a smooth straight hole for aileron-cables.