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Spigas E

This plane was made to get some experience with electric power in aerobatic models.  I have flown it with an Kontronik FUN600-18 1:5.2 and 8s LiPo batteries.   Take off weight is only 3.6kg helping to achieve good performance.  The lessons learned for me was to make sure that the regulator is over-rated and that a gearbox is a major contributing factor for problems. Since the plane more or less is a balsa-version of the Spigas 90, it should be well suited for those who want a mid-size aerobatic model of low weight and good flying characteristics for intermediate flight schedules.

Bottom of fuselage with balsa cowl etc. COmplete before covering in Super Monocote. Ready for flight.

The drawing.The complete drawing, available as an DXF-file inside a ZIP-file.  Airfoils to use are Naca 63A0013 for the wing and 63A0010 for horizontal stabilizer.