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Spigas 5

The # 5 in the Spigas series is the last one I made.  Actually the last one may be called Spigas 5.5, since I made  two equal fuselages with different shaped wings.  The last one showed here was definitely the best of all the 60-size planes I made and flew.  I still have it, after buying it back from the second owner after I sold it. It's with the same equipment as when I flew it to win my first Nordic Championship back in 1995.  The engine is a OS .61 RFP 'Hanno special' with an AAC setup from Performance Specialties (Dave Shadel), mounted in a home-made Hyde-type mount.  It breathes through a Bolly EQ-60 pipe and pulls an APC 12.5x11.5.  The weight of the plane I have is 3.5-3.6 Kg giving excellent performance according to the '95 standard.  Below is a picture of me with the plane and pictures and links to DXF-files with the drawings I used to build it.  The drawings are not very detailed, but a builder with experience and imagination will have no problems. All drawings as DXF-files, and a file with the airfoil used are combined into this ZIP-file.


The airplane and yours truely, back in 95.






Side view of the fuselage and fuselage side (5mm balsa) with measurements. There must be a doubler in addition, check the formers for shape. 




The good wing and stab, made of normal foam sheeted with 1.5mm light balsa. The semi-ribs for the gear and wing tube is of 3mm lite-ply.  The airfoil used in the wing is described in the file "Spigas5airfoil.txt" that is part of the ZIP-file, use Naca0010 for the stab.



The fuselage formers to be made of 3mm lite-ply. 




The formers for front and rear of canopy-frame, and the fuselage cross-section at the rear of the cowl.  




The shape of the foam-core for the fin.  I don't remember the airfoil, use one that will fit with the fuselage. 




The balsa-block  that is to be between the fuselage and the fin.  



The outline of the cowl, on my planes it was made of fiberglass.  I may have the moulds somewhere, but I'm not sure which is for which plane.