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Since F3P is about flying indoors in sport-halls the available space is limited, or to say it differently; the sectors are absolute as a typical hall is 20x40m with height from 6-7 to 10-12m. To be able to do aerobatics within such a limited space the key is low speed, and the key to low speed is low weight. On such small models the saving of each gram is a good thing and one has to work to get every part down in weight.  Typically the models are made of thin sheets of foam, the most common brand is called 'Depron'. While 3mm Depron is pretty light there is quite a lot too loose by milling down the thickness in most of the structure (How to mill Depron).  On a typical sized model one can expect to save up to 20g or more by milling, and that is significant.  The next level in lightness seems to be to use a frame of 1mm carbon tubes covered in very light Mylar.

Of course the equipment must be selected for low weight also, below is a summary of equipment and weights of different models.

SuperSirius close-up SuperSiruis on scale The weight of the SuperSirius

Plane - manufacturer - owner

Motor - ESC Servo - receiver Battery Propeller

Weight [g]

Trivia - GBmodles - Ola Fremming Kaukoranta coaxial, Dualsky XC0610 & YGE 7S 1xGraupner DES131, 2xSpectrum A2010, Graupner GR12SC Turnigy nanotech 2s120 Mylar-covered Kaukoranta 85
Super Sirius - Hacker - Ola Fremming Dualsky XM2212 -  XC0610 3xDymond 47, Graupner GR12S Hyperion 2s180 SG 9x2.3 109
Xerces - FoamToAir - Ola Fremming Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 3xGraupner DES131, Graupner GR12S Hyperion 2s180 SG 9x2.3 99
Sirius eleven - Hacker - Thomas Ekdahl Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 3xDymond 47, DelTang Rx36-V HiModel 2s280 SG 9x2.8 110
Click 1 - RC-factory - Thomas Ekdahl Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 3xDymond 47, DelTang Rx36-V HiModel 2s280 SG 9x2.8 112
Disney - FoamToAir - Ole André Knutsen Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 3xDymond 47, Futaba R6004 Hyperion 2s180 SG 9x2.3 100
OD - Rune Gjelsnes Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 3xDymond 47, FrSky ?? ?? Graupner 8x3 99


Weight of different parts avaiable

Weight [g]

Stated (lied) by manufacturer
Propellers SG 9x2.3 (Carbon fiber) 2.4  
PT 9x2.5 2.5  
GWS 8x4E 5.3  
APC 7x4SF 5.3  
Graupner 8x3 SF 5.4  
Graupner 7x4 SF 5.4  
Mejzlik 9x2.? 5.6  
APC 8x3.8SF 7.1  
Graupner 8x4.5 SF 7.9  
APC 9x4.7SF 9.6  
Materials White 3mm Depron (per sq. m) 120  
"Depron Aero" (per sq. m) 100  
Carbon stick 1mm (per m) 1.2  
Carbon tube 1mm (per m) 0.83  
Carbon stick 0.5mm (per m) 0.28  
Batteries Turnigy NanoTech 2s120 8.8  
GensAce 2s160 11.9  
Hyperion CX 2s180 13.5  
E-Flite 2s200 13.9  
HiModel 25C 2s280 16-2  
Hyperion CX 2s240 17  
Hyperion CX 2s320 (ex. bal. cables) 21  
Receivers DelTang Rx36-V DSM2 0.75  
Graupner GR12 SC+ Hott 1.45 ca 1.6
Graupner GR12 S  Hott (without case) 3.9  (2.9) ca 4
Futaba R6004FF> 3.8  
Servos Dymond 47 5 4.7
Graupner DES131 (with servo-arm) 5.43 ca 5
Spectrum  A2010 (with servo-arm) 3.15 2.5 !!
Motors Dualsky XM2212RTR-25 (ESC included) 15  
Dualsky XM2212MA-25 10.7  
Xpower 2802/44 "Pietu" 11.5  
Kaukoranta contra-drive, complete with carbon props 21  
Kaukoranta contra-drive, complete with mylar-props 17.7  
ESC YEP 7A (Without cables and BEC) 0.75 0.7
YGE 7S (Without cables, and BEC) 0.8 0.7
Dualsky XC0610BA (With BEC and shortened cables) 3.7 5.5